This is a protective case with a thread hole ready for all types of our lenses in the lenses category.

Just have this case on and with our lenses, you just shot and share. No need to adjust the lens to align with your camera.

You can attach a wrist strap to the bottom of the case so you never drop it and whenever you come out an idea, you will never miss it, it is all in your hand. 

It fits to all our lenses! Don't miss any lenses, we've got more than 10 different lenses.

(Strap not included).


  • Lightweight and yet durable
  • A minimalist's design



  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them on ALL OUR CASES and don't need to buy a whole set for each device.

Protecton Photo Case for iPhone 12

SKU: iPhone12
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