Want to take photos of breathtaking sunsets and sports in action. Bring distant subjects closer for selfies, portraits, large group photos, architectural shots, and cityscapes?

Want to capture memories to hold on to forever?

Now you can.

This 3X Telephoto Lens is a great addition to your phone. It triple your optical zoom. Bring your subject closer with ease.

It is designed to sharpen the centre of the image captured for portrait photography!


  • Capturing object in farther distance without perspective distortion and with minimal noise created.
  • Absolute no dark areas (No vignetting).



  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them on ALL OUR CASES and don't need to buy a new set for each device.


3X Telephoto Lens / Tele Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

SKU: iPhone-T36
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